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I mixed this in Traktor, at work no less,  as I was waiting for my ride after my work shift, when I had a chunk of time one day. I wanted to redo it "the real way" with CDJs but the  thing is, once you create a mix it has the energy of the moment and this mix captures that special energy/flow that I usually cannot reproduce quite the same way with another 'take two'. Being brutally honest here! 


Here's the mix :

Warmly, Ümee Dee


Shazam it,  my lovelies!



Taking this podcast into progressive and tech house and melodic techno territory with the AGE of LOVE theme which was the brilliant brainchild creation of JAM and SPOON from the 1990s ! it was recently revived with several remixes of the AGE of LOVE with the original diva seductively calling out to come on, dance with me... doesn't it just make you want to dance with her? 

"Beauti-ful-filled Life"



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